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Frugal freezer soup

Whenever I make whole poultry I always keep the carcass. I put it in a bag and chuck it in the freezer. A while ago I made some ribs, that turned out to be quite boring, so I bagged them up and chucked them in the freezer.

So today I had the carcass of a christmas duck, a roast chicken as well as some pork ribs. My boyfriend is ill, so I decided to make a homemade soup – I was going to do just a chicken soup, but then when I realised that one of the carcasses was actually a duck, I decided to go all in on the diversity and it turned out really nicely. The recipe

For the stock:
1 duck carcass – frozen
1 chicken carcass – frozen
2 sides of pork ribs
1 onion in quarters with the skin still on
3 cloves of garlic – skin still on
3 small carrots – rinsed and halved
a good pinch of all spice – I couldn’t find whole that day, so I had to buy ground
1 small star anise
30 or so whole peppercorns
The green part of 1 leek
1-2 tablespoons of dried thyme (I didn’t have any fresh)
1-2 litres of water. Add more as some of the water evaporates

For the soup:
1-2 teaspoons of salt
Half a of the leek used for the stock – finely chopped
2 small carrots chopped into small cubes
2 medium- small potatoes cut into small cubes
4-5 tablespoons of canned corn
1 cup of dumplings (melboller)

Place all of the ingredients for the stock in a bowl. I boiled some of the water before pouring it over to hurry the process a bit. There was still some stuffing in mine, so I discovered pearl barly and a prune, which is fine, it all gives a nice flavour.

Simmer at medium high heat for 2-3 hours. Adding water if the water level gets low – I have managed to burn a stock once. When the taste is nice and somewhat strong, its ready. Remember you haven’t added salt yet, so the flavour will be thereafter.

With a tong, your fingers or forks remove the remaining meat from the carcasses – you will be surprised at how much is on.

Drain the stock over into a smaller pan and discard the boiled veg, bones and skin. Add salt, carrot, potato, leek and carrot to the stock for about 5-10 minutes until the potato is cooked. Add the dumplings until they are heated and now it’s ready to serve.

The flavour of the duck was most prominent.





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