Viggos second birthday vol. 3

Viggo stayed home from child care for his birthday (I think it’s so cute that they call it taking a day off! :D). I had planned on going to the play ground and to the park, but as the weather was terrible so Viggo and I stayed in all day. We were so busy having fun that I forgot to get pictures!!

In the morning we woke Viggo up partly so that he could open gifts before his dad went to work, and partly so he could get used to summer time (we set the clocks the day before). Then during the day we played with his toys, listened to music, played karaoke, read books and then in the evening his paternal grandparents all came over for dinner and we had some of Viggo’s favourites: Bearnaise and fries! I also made rice krispie treats for dessert, and they turned out great! Viggo loved them!

I got a couple of videos from the morning, where Viggo opened his gifts from mum and dad. He got a football, some books, a pop up toy, and some used CDs from the library:




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