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Viggo’s 2nd Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Basse’s sister’s house. In Basse’s family they celebrate with traditional British food.

Viggo is always happy to play with his cousinsDSC_0457

The lovely Christmas treeDSC_0458

Poor cousin Carl was feeling under the weather and was happy to be on his own watching cartoonsDSC_0459

The dress code for the women was black… mostly by accident.  DSC_0461

While the women cooked the men and boys watched TV and made sure not to get in to too much trouble! In fact it actually looks like they’re all falling asleep 🙂DSC_0464

The family gathered to eatDSC_0470

Viggo and his dad – they look loving, but this is seconds before Viggo tugs his dad’s beard and slaps him! Oh, the joy of having children 🙂

Basse, Viggo and me taking a rest from cooking FullSizeRender

The first time Viggo walked around the Christmas tree:

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