Viggos wish list

Latest update: 21 Aug 2021

His favourites:

  • Favourite color is red
  • Minecraft
  • Coca Cola


  • Jumbo Bøger
  • Activity books



  • Color changing lightstrips / color changing lightbulb / color changing lamp
  • Just Dance for Xbox (preferably as a code not a disc as Axel broke the CD part)



150+ cm

  • Football clothes – The team doesn’t matter much
  • Adidas pants, sweater & t-shirts
  • Hummel sweatpants, sweater & t-shirt
  • Sweatpants
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • T-shirts with fun prints

His favourite color is red and next favourite is green


Gift certificate / experiences (e.g. together with giver)

  • Toy store
  • Børnenes eventyrsfabrik
  • Tivoli med turpas
  • Bakken med turpas
  • Aquarium / Den blå planet
  • Zoo
  • Besøgsgård e.g. Grønnehavegård in Asserbo

Savings account

Viggo has a lot of stuff, so you are also welcome to give money to his savings account. You can transfer to his account with Nord Net at reg: 9490 account: 0011125234 or talk to his parents.