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Prawn, pea and avocado salad

I’ve been crashing early the past couple of weeks – I just get so exhausted by the early afternoon! So I thought I’d take a look at my lunch and swap out heavier things like bread and meats for lighter, energizing vegetables and shellfish!! It really helped!

I used frozen peas, even though fresh peas are in season, because they’re so easy, but also for their guaranteed sweetness and the soft texture

I made a quite large portion, but I ate the whole thing as  it was delicious and energizing:

2 avocados – diced
About a cup of greenlandic praws – I bought them cooked and frozen and thawed them
About a cup of frozen peas – thawed
Half a gem lettuce (mini romaine) Diced
4-5 cherry tomatoes quartered
4-5 pieces diced grilled peppers, store bought


2-3 tbsp creme fraiche
1 clove of garlic – crushed
1 tbsp white balsamic vinegar (other vinegars are fine too)
2 tbsp Suflower oil from the grilled peppers
1 tbsp chopped flatleaf parsley + some for decoration

Mix the ingredients for the dressing before you start to chop the veggies so the garlic can infuse the dressing.

Mix all the ingredients and top with some parsley. Eat your heart out.


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