Christmas / Family

Pouls Birthday 2014

 Viggo’s uncle turned 19 so the whole family went to Hagelundsstien to hang out

Viggo is a big boy now, so he steals peoples chairs. DSC_0372


Viggo’s cousin Elisabeth came along, even though she was only 1 day old!


Viggo screamed until I put him down and ran over to his Antie Godmother… Traitor!!   DSC_0374 DSC_0377 DSC_0378


Manja, Stev and Andreas enjoyed Viggo’s company. He alo enjoyed theirs… but most of all he liked the food. DSC_0379

Poul got his birthday cake, that Masha had made… he was happy until he tried to blow out the candlesDSC_0381

Masha loves all the babies! And Christian is the kindest brother and cousin!! DSC_0388

After his 5th try at blowing out the candles Poul stopped smiling!! DSC_0389

But he could see the fun in itDSC_0392

Well, he was unimpressed, and amused at the same time!

Viggo and his dad kept an eye on everythingDSC_0395

Moster Stephanie taught Viggo where to steal blueberries fromDSC_0399

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