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Maternity leave survival kit


It was my sisters birthday recently, and I wanted to get her a gift that she’d really need. She is on maternity so I reflected back on my maternity leave and what I’d really enjoy and put together a kit:

  1. Salve for dry skin: Changing nappies all the time, means washing hands all the time, which means really dry hands
  2. Large water bottle: Breast feeding leaves you thirstier than ever!!
  3. Kanel gifler: Breast feeding gives you major cravings for sweets and cakes!
  4. Dark chocolate: For the cravings, but mostly because it’s name was similar to my sisters middle name
  5. Trail mix: Sometimes all the snacking leaves you feeling guilty, so you need something healthy to snack on
  6. Rooibos tea: to keep you hydrated and cozy at the same time
  7. Magazine: Sometimes you need to steal time away to do something for yourself, but you don’t want to wake the baby
  8. The magazine included an audio running guide for when she’s ready to get in shape
  9. Homemade basket: To carry all the snacks, drinks and magazines around the house with you, so you have it handy where ever you’re nursing or otherwise stuck under a baby.



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