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Lillejuleaften 2014

The day before Christmas Eve, Basse, Viggo and I went up to Hagelundsstien to spend time with Far and Masha. Stephanie and Andreas came, so it was extra hyggeligt!!


We came up in the afternoon and spent some time just hanging outDSC_0408

Far and Masha recieved quite some Christmas gifts, also we decided to give each other gifts, while we were together. DSC_0409

Masha had decorated the table and laid out Christmas treatsDSC_0411

Viggo was pretty happy with the Christmas treatDSC_0424

Far made a very strong Gløgg!! So we all kept warm while we hung outDSC_0426

Masha bought an entire duck, which far was quite proud ofDSC_0428

Viggo had gotten him self a black eye just before christmas. His mum and dad told him not to run around in the sofa, which only made it funner, apparantly. So with full throttle he fell face first on to the arm rest of the sofa. DSC_0430

Candles lit, and table set. The Christmas mood is set.DSC_0435

Basse and his father-in-lawDSC_0437

Viggo played with window stickers and Masha did what she always does 😉DSC_0438

Far was very happy with his apron as he showed everyone… several times…

DSC_0440 DSC_0441 DSC_0439

The kids played on the floor while the grown ups made food 🙂DSC_0450
Masha was afraid the duck was dry, so I whipped up a quick gravy while Basse was carving the beastDSC_0454

The table and dinner were beautifulDSC_0455

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