Christmas / Family

Christmas eve a.k.a the day my camera wouldn’t focus!

I was hesitant to publish this post, as the pictures are really shaken and unfocused! I decided to publish it any way as it was a really lovely evening.


Masha and the boys playing with masha and the bear 🙂
The modest tree, which was probably smaller than the mountain of gifts!
This was my absolute favourite part of the evening! Santa came and the kids were so impressed! Viggo could not close his mouth as he stared in awe!
Santa pulled out gifts from his bag… first for Christian… then for Elisabeth…
Viggo was last and as Santa fumbled with his gift, reading the name tag as Viggo jumped up and down, pointed at him self and yelled “Viggo – Det Viggo”
Viggo finally got his gift!
The kids opened their gifts and had a bit to play with before dinner
Moster Stephanie was so happy to hang out with Elisabeth, who had just celebrated her first birthday!
Elisabeth was not as enthusiastic as her aunt…
Poul and Viggo Chillin after the other people had gone home.


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