Christmas / Family

Christmas day

Every year on Christmas day we go to my dad’s childhood friend’s house, my Uncle Per. Here we eat good food, drink beer, aquavit (the water of life ;)) and poke fun at each other. It’s probably my favourite Christmas tradition as it’s always fun šŸ™‚

My dad sitting between a son-in law and his first lover – my Tante Marian (yes she is married to my dad’s best friend)DSC_0481

Basse pacifying Viggo with cartoonsDSC_0483

Poul and his beautiful girlfriend, Flotte Lotte. Young love <3DSC_0486

My dad getting doted on by Per’s wife and sisterDSC_0487

Manja, Sarah and Stephanie enjoying themselvesDSC_0488

Viggo admiring the snowy gardenDSC_0491

Viggo became best friends with Bianca the dog:


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