Baby / Family

Basse and the baby boys

In December Viggos cousin came over for a sleep over!

The boys went together like peas in a pod20141206_153515

With some difficulty Basse was able to carry both boys 🙂

When the boys weren’t running around after eachother, Basse enjoyed watching cartoons with them

Viggo showed Carl his favourite hiding places… behind all of the doors  20141207_093609

Two lille rascals watching cartoons. Both were over-exhausted, and Basse was impressed that I got them quiet. All I did was give them their pacifiers 🙂

Three sleepy men! Tired after a fun sleepover

Carl enjoying the perks of having a Eurasian auntie who always has noodles on hand. Apparantly this was the first time he tasted them. 20141207_120856

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