Amigurumi Kaj and Andrea

In case you’re not familiar with Danish childrens TV, Kaj and Andrea are puppets from a classic Danish television show, that my nephew LOVES. So for his 2nd birthday I crocheted these dolls for him. My lovely friend Marie of Maries Fabrik shared the patterns with me.

You can find the one for Kaj, the frog here and for Andrea, the parrot here.

Kaj’s vest
Kaj’s vest is not included in the pattern, so I made one up. I was inspired by Marie’s pacifier clip, and just chained enough to make it all the way around Kaj’s body, I think it was about 100 chains. To make the hole for the arms I just skipped enough chains to make a slit long enough for his arm to fit through and chained the equal amount and fastened it back, much like if you were making buttonhole. Then I made the bow by single crocheting purple/pink yarn in three stitches on the vest, turning with 1 chain, and crocheting 1 single crochet in each stitch and continuing like that until I had enough length to make a bow and the repeated on the other side of the vest.

I’m not going to lie, these were probably the most difficult things I’ve ever crocheted, but seeing how happy they made my nephew was all worth it.

Update! – tip for the patterns:
I found the order in which they suggested that I sew the parts on to be difficult.

For Andrea I suggest, you sew the eyes on the body before anything else, as they set the symmetry and they are probably the most important component. Then sew on the head feather and beak and lastly the feet.

For Kaj: I sewed the mouth together before closing off the body, the pattern says that you sew through the back, as you will cover that area with a vest any way. My vest is not sewn on, so the vest can be taken off, if you would want to. I then sewed the mouth further together afterwards.

Kajs legs: I folded the legs in the middle and sewed them so the knees are always bent.








DSC_0232 - Version 2


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